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What is Quickswap?


QuickSwap is the leading DEX & AMM deployed on Polygon, Polygon zkEVM, & Dogechain where users can swap, LP, farm, stake, and trade perpetual swaps at fast speeds with extremely low transaction fees. Home to the DragonFi ecosystem, QuickSwap aims to provide a comprehensive suite of products and services that extend beyond just DeFi, including a decentralised Perpetual Exchange, Gaming Hub, and more.


QuickSwap was created to solve the high gas fees & slow transaction times associated with using DEXs (decentralised exchanges) on other networks such as Ethereum.
Launching in October 2021, QuickSwap is supported by some of the industry’s most prominent thought leaders in the fields of Ethereum token & contract standards and Layer 2 scaling. It was kickstarted by a team of professionals who are experts in blockchain:
  • Nick Mudge is an Ethereum contract programmer, code reviewer, security auditor, standards author, and web developer with over 6 years of active blockchain programming experience. Nick participated in the discussions that developed the ERC721 standard and is the author of EIP-2535 Diamond Standard, in addition to ERC1538 and ERC998 Ethereum contract standards
  • Sameep Singhania is the Co-Founder and Director of the blockchain development and consulting company Ginete Technologies. He is an experienced blockchain developer who has devoted the past two years of his life to assisting businesses explore synergies with, and integrate, blockchain. Sameep is focused on facilitating widespread adoption of decentralised technologies
  • Roc Zacharias is also the Co-Founder of QuickSwap and serves as CEO of Lunar Digital Assets, a blockchain marketing firm. He's also a core contributor to the Dogechain project & has played an instrumental role in driving QuickSwap's growth & adoption.
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