QuickSwap Bonds are a tool designed to deepen liquidity on the DEX, introduce creative and effective incentives for LPs, and provide members of the QuickSwap community with a new way to earn in return for their liquidity or tokens. This technology is available on Polygon PoS and powered by ApeBond.

See here to purchase your first Bond: https://quickswap.exchange/#/bonds

So how exactly do Bonds work? They're a win-win for both users and projects:

  • Project can grow protocol-owned liquidity (POL) by selling tokens at a discount to users through vesting NFTs, helping increase their sustainability

  • Users provide LP tokens or specific assets to purchase the Bond and receive the NFT (which is a representation of their position as they hold the discounted tokens), giving them a new way to acquire these assets

By purchasing Bonds, users have the potential to get a positive ROI (Return on Investment), as they receive their chosen project's tokens at a discount.

There are two types: Liquidity and Reserve Bonds. Liquidity Bonds can be purchased by creating an LP or using the Zap function (buying with a single token, indicated by the lightning bolt symbol). Reserve Bonds can be purchased through a single token.

It's important to note that the token discounts for particular Bonds (and their respective value) may vary over designated periods - users can claim their tokens as they vest until the end of the term. All discounts depend on supply and demand, so in the end, users may receive a positive or negative ROI depending on market conditions.

Best of all, it helps bring communities together! Projects get to attract new users by offering Bonds while users get to explore new and exciting project tokens at a discount on QuickSwap!

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