✨Key Features

Liquidity Hub

Liquidity Hub is a decentralised optimisation layer that operates above Automated Market Makers (AMMs). This layer mitigates the problem of fragmented liquidity in DeFi, enabling Quickswap to tap into external liquidity sources in order to provide better prices on swaps. More info here: https://www.orbs.com/liquidity-hub/

V3 Concentrated Liquidity Model

QuickSwap acquired a V3 license from Algebra and is currently deployed on all chains on the DEX. V3 is different from V2 in that users need to set their liquidity within specific designated price ranges - this allows for greater capital efficiency, although a manual rebalancing of the portfolio is required if liquidity falls out of range (regular V3).

V3 Active Liquidity Management

QuickSwap integrated with Gamma in January 2023 to enable V3 active liquidity management, meaning user LP positions are automatically managed by the protocol, allowing them to earn auto-compounding rewards without having to manually adjust their portfolios when prices fall out of range. Users can also stake their LP tokens in select Gamma V3 farms, allowing them to earn additional yield in farming rewards.

Unipilot also launched their active liquidity management solution for Dogechain LPs & farms on QuickSwap in June 2023, bringing similar features to the Dogechain blockchain for the shibe community.

Cross-Chain Swaps

Complete seamless cross-chain swaps with support for 11 different networks using Squid's integrated widget, powered by Axelar Network.

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