⛓️Supported Chains

QuickSwap currently supports 3 different blockchains for all your favorite DeFi features:

Polygon PoS (mainnet) ⚑

QuickSwap initially launched on the Polygon blockchain & has made its mark as the network's leading DEX & AMM. Currently, users can swap their favorite ERC-20 tokens, provide liquidity, farm, and stake with low gas fees & fast transaction speeds.

Polygon zkEVM πŸ’œ

In March 2023, Polygon deployed their new zkEVM Mainnet Beta infrastructure to the world. QuickSwap became the first DEX to launch on this new chain & bring Polygon zkEVM DeFi to the broader community by offering token swaps, LPing, and farming.

QuickPerps, a decentralised Perpetual Exchange, is also built on QuickSwap's Polygon zkEVM extension, allowing users to trade perpetual swap contracts with up to 50x leverage.

Dogechain 🐢

Live since Q3/Q4 2022, QuickSwap supports DogeFi on the Dogechain blockchain, allowing users to swap, LP, farm, and stake on the popular memecoin chain. Both projects are working together to explore future collaborations & DeFi features to enhance utility on the chain.

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