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Supported Chains

QuickSwap currently supports 3 different blockchains for all your favorite DeFi features:

Polygon PoS (mainnet)

QuickSwap initially launched on the Polygon blockchain & has made its mark as the network's leading DEX & AMM. Currently, users can swap their favorite ERC-20 tokens, provide liquidity, farm, and stake with low gas fees & fast transaction speeds.

Polygon zkEVM

In March 2023, Polygon deployed their new zkEVM Mainnet Beta infrastructure to the world. QuickSwap became the first DEX to launch on this new chain & bring Polygon zkEVM DeFi to the broader community by offering token swaps, LPing, and farming.
QuickPerps, a decentralised Perpetual Exchange, is also built on QuickSwap's Polygon zkEVM extension, allowing users to trade perpetual swap contracts with up to 50x leverage.


Live since Q3/Q4 2022, QuickSwap supports DogeFi on the Dogechain blockchain, allowing users to swap, LP, farm, and stake on the popular memecoin chain. Both projects are working together to explore future collaborations & DeFi features to enhance utility on the chain.