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How To Swap

This swapping guide applies to: Best Trade, Market (V2), Market (V3)
After choosing a swap type, select your assets to swap and type in the amount. In this example, we will swap DAI for QUICK.
After choosing your assets, you will have to allow QuickSwap to access your assets by confirming the transaction from your wallet. Click on “Approve” and them click on “Swap”.
The wallet confirmation should look something like this:
Metamask Transaction Confirm
Go back to QuickSwap and click on “Swap” to complete the exchange.
A popup window will appear to ask you to confirm the swap.
Quickswap Confirm Transaction
After you click on “Confirm Swap” you will be prompted to confirm your transaction from your wallet. Once more, you will have to confirm the transaction from your wallet. You will shortly get a confirmation from QuickSwap saying that your transaction was completed.
Quickswap Transaction Complete