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Farming on QuickSwap

QuickSwap's V3 & V2 farms allow you to deposit your LP tokens to earn additional farming rewards for select token pairs. Farms are a great way to make more out of your LP position and can be accessed here: https://quickswap.exchange/#/farm

Gamma Farms

Gamma farms allow users to earn farming rewards on top of the trading fees they receive for LPing, which have a specific tab on the QuickSwap website. Only select token pairs with LPs using Gamma from V3 can participate in these farms.
Please note that Gamma has only been enabled for V3 pools & farms on Polygon PoS (mainnet) & zkEVM.

Unipilot Farms

Unipilot has enabled its own active liquidity management feature for QuickSwap's Dogechain farms, allowing the dragon & shibe communities to earn rewards while having their portfolios actively managed. This is the newest farming feature available on QuickSwap and is only currently available on Unipilot's UI.