🐲Dragon's Lair

QuickSwap's Dragon's Lair is your go-to place to earn additional rewards for QUICK, providing extra utility for the native token.

Stake QUICK to receive dQUICK and earn yield on your tokens over time (please note that the APY varies). dQUICK can be unstaked at any time during the staking process, so your tokens aren't subject to any type of lock.

In the Dragon's Syrup section, you can stake your QUICK to earn yield in participating project tokens. It's important to note that projects that contribute rewards to Dragon's Syrup pools have end dates to rewards programs, which can be found by clicking on the tab & reviewing the details.

*It's also important to note that staking in the Dragon's Lair is only available for New QUICK, as the Old QUICK token currently has no utility on the DEX. You can convert from the old to new token here: https://quickswap.exchange/#/convert

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