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After QuickSwap launched its Dogechain extension in 2022, a governance proposal was put in place to create a new DogeDragon (DD) token that would be available on the platform to be used as liquidity mining rewards and for other unique/fun activities for QuickSwap on Dogechain.
This was a completely new token (not bridged) and is only available on Dogechain. DD has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens and was brought to life with the intention of being an experimental memecoin, along with having similar tokenomics to QUICK.
Here's a quick breakdown of DD's tokenomics (across the 1 billion supply):
  • 50% (500 million) to be distributed to Dragon’s Lair stakers over 4 years
  • 40% (400 million) to be distributed for pairs on QuickSwap’s Dogechain extension (to be distributed for up to 4 years)
  • 3% (30 million) reserved for the QuickSwap Foundation for the team’s development, growth, and expansion
  • 3% (30 million) reserved for LDA for use in marketing, PR, and business development
  • 2% (20 million) to Sameep Singhania — QuickSwap Co-Founder and Lead Developer
  • 2% (20 million) to Roc Zacharias — QuickSwap Co-Founder, CEO of Lunar Digital Assets, and Dogechain Contributor
Trading fees on QuickSwap's Dogechain extension would be distributed as follows:
  • 90% to liquidity providers
  • 3.4% to Dragon’s Lair stakers
  • 3.4% to DogeDragon’s Lair stakers
  • 1.7% to the QuickSwap Foundation
  • 1.5% to Algebra’s developers (which they say they will distribute to ALGB stakers)