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Fast speeds and low transaction speeds - that's what the QuickSwap dragons have been know for since the inception of our DEX! The default swap option is Best Trade. When clicking on Best Trade, you'll be shown the other swap types as well:
  • Best Trade
  • V2 Market
  • V3 Market
  • Limit
  • dTWAP
There is also the option to choose cross-chain, which will load the custom widget where you can seamlessly swap from one blockchain to another in one click.

Best Trade

Taxed tokens are not possible to trade using best trade. please choose V2 Market for swapping these tokens
Choosing Best Trade ensures you get the best possible trade route. Using this option, your swap will use the most efficient path, utilising all V2 & V3 liquidity pools. These swaps are powered by Paraswap's API for maximum efficiency.
Swap Page

V2 Market

Choosing Market (V2), the trade only uses V2 liquidity for your swap - these swaps are conducted using the Quickswap V2 router.
Market (V2) Swap

V3 Market

Choosing Market (V3), the trade only uses V3 liquidity for your swap - these swaps are conducted using the QuickSwap V3 router.
Market (V3) Swap

Limit Orders

Limit orders are provided by a third party integration with Orbs Network, allowing you to set your desired price target to purchase or sell your digital assets on QuickSwap.

Cross-Chain Swaps

Users can swap tokens across different blockchain ecosystems in just a few clicks thanks to QuickSwap's cross-chain swap feature. It's available through a widget & router developed by Squid & powered by Axelar.


dTWAP orders are also available on QuickSwap, giving expert dragons more advanced DeFi trading features, powered by Orbs Network. With dTWAP orders, traders can set their own parameters, including position size, trade duration, intervals, and much more. Once a trade order is placed, all trades are executed at different intervals to provide the best market price for the user.